1994 World Series Of Poker
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1994 World Series Of Poker
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The World Series of Poker had been going on for 25 years and 1994 was a year to remember in World Series of Poker history. In order to celebrate the World Series of Poker anniversary there were extra incentives added to the winner of the main event.
There was already a one million dollar prize ready for the top player in the main event, but the World Series of Poker had greatly raised the stake. Jack Binion decided to contribute a prize of the weight of the winner in silver. This was an amazing promise as there were some very large players in the field.

There was much talk about the possible earning of each player, but Russ Hamilton had everyone? attention. Hamilton was the largest player at the World Series of Poker that year. He weighed a total of 330 pounds and would have been a very costly winner for Jack Binion.

Hamilton really seemed excited and inspired at the potential income that could come to him. He knew how much money he could win with his weight and he played through the tournament and was devouring his opponents. His opponents were not the only thing that he was devouring however. He was having food delivered to his table throughout the tournament and was eating the whole way as he went. This was such a big hit with the fans that many people were documenting exactly what he was eating as he put down his opponents.

The food seemed to just make him better as he played his way all the way into the final three players. Hamilton would have to beat Hugh Vincent and John Spadavecchia if he hoped to get his 330 pounds in silver.

Russ ordered more food for his final opponents and seemed to have everything going his way. He started off with pocket queens after polishing off a burger and fries. He played smart through the hand and found himself in good position to take things home. Vincent went big and paid for it as he was not able to land the straight that he was going for.

Vincent was not able to stick any longer and Russ Hamilton would fall shortly after. This made Russ Hamilton the winner of the World Series of Poker in 1994. He was exactly the person that Binion feared would win and took home 30 thousand dollars worth of silver. This was of course not all. As the World Series of Poker champion he would also go on to take home his one million dollar prize.

Hugh Vincent would take home 588,000 dollars as well as he finished second. Spadavecchia would take home nearly 300 thousand dollars as the third place finisher in this match.

This will forever go down as one of the most entertaining World Series of Poker events that has ever happened. The memory of Hamilton eating his way through his opponents will always bring some laughs and excitement as people look back on the 1994 World Series of Poker.